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Energy Boot Camp- Chakra Series

Energy Boot Camp is back!


Each of these eight Energy Boot Camp sessions is a 2-hour class that

focuses on a specific chakra. Students are given many different interactive tools to heal and

balance each chakra as well as participate in a 30-minute guided healing meditation.


*Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that hold different life themes. Emotional challenges in our lifetime can create energy blockages in these centers that then manifest in physical and emotional struggles within our lives. By clearing these chakras, we also clear these struggles.


In addition to all of the tools you will receive in class, a video download of each class will be

emailed to you every week. Each class consists of the following:


• The many reasons our chakras become imbalanced and how to recognize the symptoms of

excessive, deficient or balanced chakras

• Several tangible solutions to help you balance your own chakras (essential oils, feng shui,

diet, yoga, movement)

• A 30-minute guided chakra clearing and healing meditation to help heal your true cause

There is journaling, discussion, meditation and a set of additional tools that will teach you to

recognize your own imbalances and empower you to do the work needed to bring you to a

higher level. This is so much more than just a meditation class.


Tuesday evenings from 7:00–9:00 pm

February 6th: 1st chakra- Root Chakra

February 13th: 2nd chakra- Sacral Chakra

February 20th: 3rd chakra- Solar Plexus Chakra

February 27th: chakra-Heart Chakra

March 6th: 5th chakra-Throat Chakra

March 13th: 6th chakra- 3rd Eye Chakra

March 20th: 7th chakra- Crown Chakra

March 27th: All chakras combined




$222- 8-week series Series

There are no drop-in classes available for this series. For you to get the most out of this healing journey, it is best for you to attend the full session. If you miss a class, a video and class sheet are provided so you will not miss any information.

On-line video only available for $88 (No in-person)


* If you have paid for the entire series and are unable to attend a session, you are able to make-up the class virtually with the class video and with the class sheet provided. There is not a class credit reimbursement.

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