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Entering into the Enneagram: A 9-week Experience of the 9 Personality Types  

Over 9 Wednesday evenings, we will learn about the extremely powerful and enlightening Enneagram system of personality types. This extremely accurate typology can help you understand more about yourself (and others) at a much deeper level. When you understand more about why you do the things you do and how you can become more aware of your unconscious, habitual patterns, you can achieve more freedom, more inner peacefulness, and more joy in life.


Beatrice Chestnut, PhD MA is a licensed psychotherapist, coach, and business consultant based in San Francisco. She has a PhD in communication studies, and an MA in clinical psychology. She is the author of the books, The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge, and The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st century Workplace and was President of the International Enneagram Association from 2006-2007. She offers trainings on the Enneagram internationally, focusing on using it as a tool for personal transformation.

Later Event: February 2
Community Meditation