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Empath Tools 101

Do you feel you take on other people's emotions after conversations?

Do you find yourself exhausted and emotionally depleted after being in crowds?

Would you like to learn some powerful techniques that will help you remain energetically sensitive, yet independent?

Back by popular demand, this incredible, interactive class is going to help you feel grounded, powerful and uninterrupted by others' feelings and emotions.

Join us for this 3-hour workshop where you will learn and experience different tools and techniques to keep your energy protected and strong.

In this class, you will discover:

-Visual proof of how far your personal energy (Aura) reaches

-Ways to heal and protect yourself in crowds or around unstable and needy people

-Ways to protect your home so you can feel peaceful and calm at home too

If you are an empath and you work with many different clients or are often around large groups, this class is for you. You will leave feeling empowered, strong and prepared to be around others while maintaining your own energy.

What are past attendees saying about this class?

Empath 101 was a fascinating class where I was able to learn more about my energy and how to protect it. During this class I was given tools on how to protect myself around toxic people and crowds, participated in various activities of physically "seeing" energy, and I was even able to see my own aura. Erin is a lovable, gentle teacher and was happy to answer any questions we had! I highly recommend this class to any and all who are curious about energy! ~Emma

I want to thank you for giving me the tools to help me protect myself! It really works, and I just wanted to share. I went to a company event this evening where over 200 people were expected. I used all of the techniques I learned in class, and this helped me tremendously throughout the evening. I usually get overstimulated, but I was totally fine. It feels so good to have control and not feel like a helpless victim anymore. ~Irene


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