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Microcirculation Spa Day

You are invited to experience the benefits of a dynamic triad of health

Oxygenate  ~ Nourish ~  Detoxify  

at our upcoming

Microcirculation Spa Day

At Love Heal Thrive

Date: Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Time: 9 am - 5 pm

In one session, experience the benefits of vascular therapy through the Bemer Mat, combined with the rejuvenating effects of SuperFoods

Leche de Gaia Vegan Mineral-Rich Broth

Only good, functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen, as well as proper waste removal within the body.  This is fundamental for ALL metabolic processes. This practice supports the most powerful triad of health: Oxygenate, Nourish, Detoxify.

With regular use, Bemer enhances blood flow, impacting the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply, as well as waste disposal. This benefits cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy. Bemer has also shown to improve concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation, having a profound effect in sleep management.  When adding the intake of nutritionally dense foods to this level of microcirculation stimulation, the benefits of nutrient delivery to the cells can be extremely maximized.

Book your 45 min session and feel it for yourself!  Each session includes:

-Initial client intake and intro to Bemer technology

-An 8 to 20 min Bemer session*

-A serving of Leche de Gaia, a tasty vegan mineral-rich broth and miso boost, handcrafted to perfection to infuse the body with key nutrients (20+ plant based powerfoods, organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, low glycemic)

-Basic fundamentals on proper nutrition and hydration, based on “The Art of Eating for Me” model.

-The opportunity to relax, be present with your body, and be supported in your healing journey.

*Based on client’s history, at the discretion of the Bemer practitioner. More is not always better.

45 minutes for only $49!

⭐⭐Special introductory price ⭐⭐

Come for a unique session infused with self-healing activators!

To book, click here:


*For questions, please email Claudia at

To learn more about the Bemer technology, go to, and to find out about the various Bemer applications visit

Claudia Castillo Holley

Nutrition Educator 

Therapeutic Personal Chef and Food Creatress

Advocate for Food Freedom and Ageless Living

Claudia offers an exquisite approach of Sacred Nutrition to achieve Health Freedom.  Through exceptional nourishing experiences that feed the inner child and Highest Self, Claudia will help you awaken and nourish your Timeless innate healing essence.  It is time to reclaim your own fountain of youth and vibrant energy, for the freeing life experience you are meant for.

Services/products include:

*Nutrition Education and Diet Consulting

*Leche de Gaia: vegan mineral-rich broth and boost

*Broth Fasts including Leche de Gaia and Bemer microcirculation stimulation sessions

*Personal Chef and Kitchen/pantry decluttering

*Profound Food Play circles, classes, training, including Leche de Gaia Ceremony - personalized!

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