What happens in this 8-week course?

Each week, you will receive one 30-40 minute class video, along with a 15-20 minute meditation video that will heal the very hurts you will discover in learning about the week’s chakra. Your assignment is to watch the videos on your own and join me for class at the end of the week. On Fridays, we will “meet” for a Zoom call from 12pm-1pm on Fridays to review, discuss, share stories and if there’s time, take part in a meditation that will further engage the week’s chakra that will address the subjects that came up on the call. We will also stay in touch throughout the week with our Private Facebook Group.

I am so excited to bring this healing and transformation to you on-line and can’t wait to bring this healing to you.


Here’s what past students have said about Energy Boot Camp: The Chakra Series:

“I came into Erin’s course as a bit of a skeptic, but with an open mind, and came out the other side as a believer. Erin is doing what she was meant to do. She is enthusiastic and passionate about the knowledge she’s gained. The understanding of my chakras and the meditation techniques I was taught are now a part of my everyday life.  There is so much more to learn, and I look forward to being involved in Erin’s classes from this day forward.”  ~Cathy G.

Erin is truly amazing. I took her 8-week Chakra Series with a dear friend and it was invaluable. I have such a better understanding of how to heal myself through understanding the different chakras. Erin gives you so many tools to work with that you are empowered and just feel good after every class. I could not wait to go every Tuesday and I’m really sad the course is over. Erin has a true gift and creates a space that allows you to open and heal. I can’t wait to take more courses. ~Jamie L.

The universe works in the most marvelous ways. After running into Erin and learning about her classes I was intrigued but didn’t necessarily know what I was getting myself into.  After my first class, I was eager to apply the lessons learned in class every minute of every day.I wanted to learn more about cleansing my chakras so the energies could just flow freely through me as they were meant to be. One chakra, one week at a time was the beginning of my spiritual journey. It felt like there was a light switch that just turned on and things started falling into place.  Week by week, I am learning more and more about who I am and what makes my soul happy. Life changing! ~Danielle D.


Here is the call schedule:

Friday, April 5- 1st Chakra- Root Chakra

Friday, April 12- 2nd Chakra-Sacral Chakra

Friday, April 19-3rd Chakra- Solar Plexus

Friday, April 26-4th Chakra- Heart Chakra

Friday, May 3rd-5th Chakra- Throat Chakra

Friday, May 10th-6th Chakra- 3rd eye Chakra

Friday, May 17th- 7th Chakra- Crown Chakra

Friday, May 24th- 8th Week- Integration of all the Chakras