What’s Your Judgement Rate Of Return?


Mine is about 24 hours...

Judgement separates.

Judgement belittles.

Judgement gives our ego a false sense of entitlement.

Judgement is also attached to a big ol’ boomerang.

As soon as we judge someone for something, that very something will come right back and show up in our own life.

I have found that it shows up in my life in less than 24 hours.

I confess...the other day, I mentally judged someone for having a crack in their windshield thinking, “How could they not fix this before it gets worse?”

18 hours later, I got into my own car and found this on my windshield...

unnamed sep9.jpg

My daughter judged her sister while going through airport security about having 4 sips of water in her water bottle and 2 minutes later, her bag was searched because her entire water bottle was full. She had to be escorted out of security and had to restart her screening process after emptying her water bottle.

Judgement flies on the ends of a boomerang.

And I get it, if we’re not careful, it can be easy to judge. It’s certainly easier to judge than deal with our own stuff.

Or is it?

I have found 100% of the time that whatever behavior I judge comes running into my life. So is it worth it to have to deal with all that additional havoc? Hardly.

These are just 2 examples of hundreds of stories just like these. The struggles that manifested as a result of my judgement often required a great deal of my time and attention to remedy.

Situations I judged would always come into my life...until I started being more conscious about my judgement.

Not bringing situations in at all, by not judging them to begin with, has freed up so much of my energy.

This has been at the core of my judgement recovery.

I can’t say I’m perfect by any means, nor will I ever be. As I admitted, I just judged this week. But I can tell you I judge a lot less than I used to and honestly, I feel that I have less drama in my life to work through as a result.

When I catch myself mid-judgement, I remind myself, we are all going through something.

We simply cannot know how another feels.

We must trust that person is doing the best they can in the situation. Even if you’re struggling with the same thing, the other person is a different soul who will process the same experience differently.

Trust everyone is doing the best they can. And if someone isn't doing their best, have compassion that they are probably struggling with not being able to do their best.

Everyone is struggling with something.

So the next time judgement pops up in your mind, find an avenue toward compassion for that person instead.

Ask yourself, what could they be going through to act in such a way? What if the very way they are acting was critical to their growth and ultimately their life purpose?

Take a breath, let it go and give gratitude for the person who gives you a break the next time you do something that could be judged. It all goes around and we can begin to break the judgement cycle through compassion, understanding and letting it all go, beginning with ourselves.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page. How did something you judge show up in your life? How long did it take? Would love to hear your incredible stories because they always do show up!

Much love,

Erin Garay