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Love.Heal.Thrive. is a loving community in the heart of San Carlos created as a gathering place for classes, healing and connection.

1028 El Camino Real San Carlos




Powerful Emotional Support

Life altering experiences require us to love ourselves in a bigger, greater, stronger way, and it is imperative that we give ourselves the support we need.  Whether you are struggling with work stress, relationship loss, friendship change, death, illness, caring for an aging parent, stage of life change or just feel "stuck" in your life, our Life Change Management tools can help give you the strength and tools you need to help you feel nourished, empowered and prepared for you to take your next step.



Private Sessions with Erin Garay

We must take actionable steps to heal. Even the smallest step will initiate healing, but sometimes that small step can feel scary, overwhelming or even daunting.  We need someone to help us get started or someone who will continue to walk next to us on our journey. This is where I come in.

Emotions create energy that manifests physically in our bodies.  Once we heal the root cause of those harmful emotions and clear away the energy, we feel more peaceful, grounded, loved, healed and prepared to thrive.

We reach this state of healing together through Aura-Soma, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and meditation classes.


Community Support

Join us!  At Love.Heal.Thrive. we create a loving, intimate space for our community to meet for events, classes, healing or quiet time. From incredible sessions and gatherings to reading and drinking tea, this home is here for the community to join each other and heal together.

Can't make it to Love.Heal.Thrive. for healing? No problem. Erin can bring the healing to you through her many different courses: Energy Boot Camp, Energy Boot Camp Corporate- Personal Insight Workshops and Energy Boot Camp for the Classroom.

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Upcoming Events




Powerful Teachers

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Erin Garay is one of the most motivational and inspirational women I know. She opened up a whole new world for me. That’s because Erin has the key to connecting both inner and outer wellbeing to produce lasting and life changing results. Her knowledge and passion for helping people is deep within her soul.
— Sofia
Erin Garay is an AUTHENTIC, joyful, loving, compassionate , and beautiful soul.

She has many modalities under her belt, and I have tried Reiki, Aura-Soma, 52 Helpers, and her Divine-given gift of being an intuitive, which have all given me tons of insight about myself.

She has a very special and gentle way of assisting you cross through the many questions in your mind and heart.

Erin LISTENS, and is a LOVER! A lover of life! Joy is abundant once you walk through her doors and settle into her chair or table . She’s electric and will leave you feeling 100x better than whence you came. I highly recommend Erin Garay and Love. Heal. Thrive.
— Angela
Erin’s Energy Boot Camp class has been an awesome addition to our studio and program as a whole. Many come to us to get fit and hope that engaging in an exercise program will solve their health problems. It surely can help, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. I highly recommend taking this class and starting from the beginning. True health is when our body, mind and spirit are all aligned and this class gives you real life ways for you to balance your own energy. Erin is empowering, funny and creates an incredible space for meditation and self growth. This is where most of us need to focus more. Being consistent with exercise, sleep and eating well are much easier when we are in the right mindset.
— Brien