Danielle D


The universe works in the most marvelous ways... after running into Erin and learning about her classes I was intrigued but didn't necessarily know what I was getting into. After my first class, I was eager to apply the lessons learned in class every minute of everyday... I wanted to learn more about cleansing my chakras so the energies could just flow freely through me as they were meant to be. One chakra, one week at a time was the beginning of my spiritual journey. It felt like there was a light switch that just turned on and things started falling into place. Week by week I am learning more and more about who I am and what makes my soul happy. Life changing! Any chance I am in town and can attend Erin's class... you can find me there.

I am so grateful I got to share Erin’s energy with my industry peers. Being in The Bay and working in relocation; there are so many distractions and stressors that take away from the human connection. And at the end of the day, the human connection is the foundation to a successful relocation, especially when it’s from one of end of the world to another. The intimate workshop we held in Redwood City was so special to me as I have been waiting to create a safe space for people to be present and find a path to ground. Erin absolutely achieved that goal of mine! From the moment we started collaborating to the execution of the workshop, the energy was pure and our visions were aligned. Thank you so much!!

— Danielle D.