Powerful Emotional Support


No matter what we are trying to accomplish or heal, we can only give from overflow.

We must fill our own hearts first with love, compassion and understanding so we can give from a place that is filled and complete. Otherwise, we take too much from ourselves and end up feeling depleted, exhausted and depressed.

Life altering experiences require us to love ourselves in a bigger, greater, stronger way and it is imperative that we give ourselves the support we need.  Whether you are struggling with a relationship loss, friendship change, death, illness, caring for an aging parent or stage of life change, our Life Change Management tools can help give you the strength and tools you will need to help nourish your own self.

Our compilation of bound blog posts, “Healing Your Grief 2 Minutes at a Time” provides 2 minute activities to help you find different ways to take that next step, or that 10th step, to heal your heart.  Angel Birthdays, our positive children’s grief book, helps you reposition the loss of a loved one as an Angel Birthday  and gives you and your family tangible activities to heal from the loss of a loved one in a way that is life-giving, positive and filled with love.

There are times when we need to be filled up by a group class or meditation.  That is when we love ourselves enough to attend Energy Boot Camp.