Erin Garay has cracked the code to harnessing energy and putting it to work in your presentations…

—Lauren Larson Diehl



Erin's work with the students in SCU’s Senior Leadership Academy was impactful. Her transformative approach to the guided reflection and learning really helped provide the kind of experience we wanted to create…

—Brenda Versteeg


Wow, Erin is wonderfully sensitive, powerful, and deeply connected! She has unique gifts, intuitively bringing greater understanding, deep healing, and hope.  Erin's Reiki sessions are incredibly relaxing.

— Susan J.


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As a Healer myself, I was ready to start to work on my own self when I met Erin. She is highly intuitive and has a lot …

— Alex T.


If I could give more than 5 stars I certainly would do so! I have seen Erin for reiki a handful of times, and each time I leave I feel AMAZING…

— Emma V.


The universe works in the most marvelous ways... after running into Erin and learning about her classes I was intrigued but didn't necessarily know what I was getting into. After my first class, I was eager to apply the lessons learned in class every minute of everyday..

—Danielle D.


Erin is a gifted and dedicated healer. Her love and commitment are evident in her beaming smile and warmth. The Alchemy session Erin did for me was profoundly healing…

—April B.



Erin is an amazing teacher and speaker who truly helps bring about personal growth and change. Her insightful tools and techniques help bring her classes and audiences to a new level. Whether she is speaking on the healing power… 

— Paul J.



Erin has taught me to be open, has held me accountable for the steps to achieve my goals, and imparted a greater understanding…

—Barbara P.



I am so grateful that Erin has been a part of my spiritual journey now for a couple years. She is wise beyond her years and has such a powerful energy...

—Chris S.



Erin helped me with a long standing issue that I had not been able to resolve myself.  With her insightful guidance and pacing within our hypnotherapy session, I gained insight and understanding…

— Aleks W.


I was lucky enough to be invited to a vision board workshop in January at Love Heal Thrive.  What a cool place nestled in the heart of San Carlos. 

—Sarah W.


Erin LISTENS, and is a LOVER! A lover of life! Joy is abundant once you walk through her doors and settle into her chair or table.

— Angela R.



Erin Garay is that rare gem of a person whom one meets once in a lifetime. I feel so grateful for Erin and the community that she's building at Love.Heal.Thrive.

— Millie H.



It wasn't until connecting with Erin that I truly realized how to incorporate spirituality into my daily life….

—Kat R.



Sometimes in life, we choose to try this, or check that out. That's exactly how I came across Erin and Love Heal Thrive. It was clearly no fluke. The help and clarity she has provided me...

—Alfredo M.