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Erin Garay has cracked the code to harnessing energy and putting it to work in your presentations.We are more grounded and will take our future presentations to the next level! ~Lauren Larson Diehl, Sr. Director, Global Customer Success Management at Oracle Corporation

Erin's work with the students in SCU’s Senior Leadership Academy was impactful. Her transformative approach to the guided reflection and learning really helped provide the kind of experience we wanted to create. By listening and the students and addressing their needs, she was able to support their journey. Weeks after our workshop, the students were still utilizing their learning in daily life. We are grateful for the insights and energy Erin shared with us.   ~ Brenda Versteeg, Director, Professional Development and Social Justice, Santa Clara Business School Undergraduate Business Programs

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a women's retreat lead by Erin Garay.  She was an amazing,  inspirational,  incredible retreat leader. Her talks were heart-felt and filled with such relevant and helpful content. Our attendees left feeling uplifted, inspired, heard, and loved.  It was truly an amazing weekend.  I am excited to attend any retreat that Erin leads.  Thank you Erin for a truly enlightening and inspiring weekend. ~Karen Elmore, RCIA Literguy & Music Director, St. Gregory Church

Erin’s Energy Boot Camp has been an awesome addition to our studio and program as a whole. Many come to us to get fit and hope that engaging in an exercise program will solve their health problems. It surely can help, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. I highly recommend taking this class and starting from the beginning. True health is when our body, mind and spirit are all aligned, and this class gives you real life ways for you to balance your own energy. Erin is empowering, funny and creates an incredible space for meditation and self-growth. This is where most of us need to focus more. Being consistent with exercise, sleep and eating well are much easier when we are in the right mindset. ~ Brien Shamp, Owner, Brien Shamp Fitbody Boot Camp

Personal Insight Workshops

Corporate leadership development and team-building workshops that teach leaders how to ground their energy before presentations, speak their truth and remain connected to their team and their mission.


Do you want to take your company to a higher level?

THE GROUNDED PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP can bring your team personal and integrated balance, while offering core solutions to multi-faceted challenges.


Do you want your team to present from a grounded and mindful place?

THE PRESENTATION PREP WORKSHOP can teach your leaders how to prepare themselves to give grounded presentations and remain focused in the boardroom.


Do you want to help your employees understand the root cause of their anxiety and give them pragmatic, practical techniques to support themselves?

THE ANXIETY MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP can help your team learn to manage stress and anxiety and obtain a core understanding of how anxiety affects us.


Do your leaders feel overwhelmed and exhausted after conferences or the boardroom?

THE TOOLS FOR THE EMPATHETIC LEADER WORKSHOP can teach your leaders how to maximize their energy without feeling depleted and over-extended.

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