Giving up an opinion

For those of you who caught my Facebook Live Class this week... you totally got a sneak peek into my Chakra Series class, and I couldn't be more happy...or more surprised! That video was "supposed" to be Live on my private Facebook Class for this round. But here's the funny thing...

Right before class started, in fact it's on the Live video, I said "yes" to the expansion of my business. We were talking about how Brene' Brown has 2 assistants helping during her Facebook Live feeds to answer questions and to help her. I joked, "That's my 10 year goal to have that setup." As I've had a bit of technical trouble this series... as was evidenced by my public viewing of my private class. :)

A student said, "That should be your 5 year plan, not the 10 year plan." And I said, "Yes. Yes. Yes, that is my 5 year plan." And I said yes with intention without knowing how that would even begin to materialize.

And then I realized an hour, almost 200 views and many likes and comments later that I had indeed said yes to the expansion of my business. And God brought that in by "helping" me take that leap into the on-line class world.  The response from that class airing was so great that I'm formulating an on-line chakra series. More information to follow in the weeks to come! 

But that's what happens. God takes over when we let go.

God will bless you in ways you'd never expect when you let go. In the Buddhist tradition, this practice is referred to as non-attachment. I had a hard time understanding how to use this practice for awhile until I realized where it shows up in our lives:

What do those attachments look like in our life?

  • Our children playing a certain sport or hanging out with certain friends
  • Believing a small event isn't "successful" - business or personal
  • Expecting friends or family to respond a certain way
  • Focusing so hard on a goal that you only leave room for the goal to be fulfilled "your" way
  • Feeling like there is only one single solution to a current life challenge
  • Sweating the small stuff instead of realizing they could all be small blessings

When we can let go of the ending we've written for ourselves that's holding all our focus, that end goal, that belief in the way things "should" be, then God blesses us in ways we would never even dream possible for ourselves. 

Our holding onto a certain ending actually prevents God from writing his far better ending for us. 

This is non-attachment. Let go. Be open to another ending. Be curious how else the story might end.

Just try it.

When you do, you will open yourself up to the Divine solution that has been waiting to enter but was being held up by your "my way" ending.

For a week, give up one opinion or ending that you might have clung to in your heart. Perhaps you didn't even realize you were attached to a certain ending. Give it a week and see if something shifts or changes in the outcome of that desire or if something shifts within you. The miraculous blessings often are found in both places. Can't wait to hear how this goes this week for you!

Much love!

Erin Garay