Are you giving from an overflowing bucket or an empty one?

Tuesday marks the official beginning of the holiday season. How quickly our calendars race from Halloween to New Years.  We often find ourselves making lists, running too quickly and completely depleting ourselves. This holiday exhaustion partly comes from over-packing our schedule.

When we over pack our schedule, we disconnect from ourselves.  We forget to put ourselves on our own to-do list or place "me" after all the "other" things are done. Where does that leave you, really?

We can only give from a filled bucket.  When we give love from an exhausted, depleted, over-worked, over-shopped, over-cooked bucket, what kind of love are we giving? Probably no kind of love you'd want to receive. So what can we do to prevent this empty bucket disease? Which is the worst kind of disease... and ultimately leads to actual disease.

Take time for you.

Do whatever fills you most but be acutely aware if you are actually filled after the activity. Habits are hard to change. Is socializing every weekend really leaving you filled Monday morning or would a Sunday hike or book reading be more filling for your soul? Find your perfect balance...especially during the holiday season. Discover how joyful the holiday season can be once your heart is filled with connection and grace.

Find the perfect way for you.  Read a book, go for a hike, join one of our classes at Love.Heal.Thrive. Come in for an appointment or join this FREE 3-week meditation series hosted by Oprah & Deepak.  I absolutely love these series and this one begins TOMORROW. 


Join Oprah and Deepak to create a life filled with experiences, people, and moments that truly bring you joy. Leave the burden of constant busy-ness behind, as you learn how to make space for what matters most. Tap into your inner wisdom to let go of things that no longer serve you, and transform your perception of time to feel less stressed and more purposeful. Find ease, acceptance, and grace in each moment – no matter what is going on around you – and look back on each day with a sense of deep accomplishment and fulfillment.

I hope you will join me on this 3 week meditation journey as we head into the holiday season focusing on what matters most and filling our buckets up from the beginning so we can give and love from a place that is filled, complete and whole.  

Much love!

Erin Garay