Have you found your needle and thread?

Have you ever questioned whether God was there for you?

I mean, there are times that are really hard to handle. Dealing with life challenges that are hard to process. Life circumstances that push us to understand why or discern what we're supposed to learn from them. Experiencing pain and trying to figure out how we're supposed to be strengthened from it or how that very pain is redirecting our life. It is tough, and there are times we question... are we even on the right path? How could God knowingly put me here? I've been there. It is really hard...

until I knew I had backup.

In this month's monthly book club book, Thank and Grow Rich, (Our meeting is this Thursday- Join us!) Pam Grout challenges us to ask God to give us a sign that he is there, that He is providing for us, and that we have nothing to worry about in our lives. A sign that would simply tell us to trust that inner voice and guidance, and that it will lead us to a life that is filled, guided and complete.

So I tried it.

In the book, people were receiving all these crazy signs. It was incredible. I have to be honest. I certainly thought, "There's no way I'm gonna have a story like that." Well, I was sure wrong.

On Tuesday, I prayed and asked God for a sign that showed me I was provided for and protected and guided and watched over every step of my life. Wednesday, while in my center seeing clients, I looked down and realized I had a tear in my pants. Amidst a busy day, I couldn't do anything about it and had to go on with my day. Upon wrapping up with clients, I hopped in my car and darted straight to an appointment, still with no time or resources to fix my pants. I went into the bathroom and there, on the floor of the bathroom stall, was a threaded needle with the exact color of thread to match my pants. I kid you not!!! I looked around. There was no one in the restroom. I laughed out loud and could not believe my eyes.

So I used my thread, fixed my pants and said, "Thank you, God," in stunned disbelief in His attention to this tiniest of detail in my life.

I walked away from that day, and that stall, with an incredible sense of presence and grace. I was hoping for, but certainly didn't need, a sign to know God was there for me. "Wow!" Did he deliver in a super personal and perfect way. The way I think He shows up for us everyday, in fact. Personal and perfect.

Every moment is cared for. Every step is watched and just like it is scripted in The Alchemist, everything is written...Maktub.

So take your moment this week and ask for your sign and watch what happens. Watch for it and give gratitude for it when it shows up and then give shameless gratitude for the abundant support and love you are being showered upon in your life every single day. The more you look for it, the more you will find.

Cheers to you finding your needle and thread this week.

Much love,


Erin Garay