How gratitude locked my door

A few weeks ago, I taught a class on the Law of Attraction. The premise of the Law of Attraction is that once we get our energy level to a vibrational state of love and gratitude, we can invite and bring in the blessings we'd like to watch manifest in our life, and they seem to hyper speed into our life when we are in this state of manifestation.

While I provided many real-life experiences in class, the best example came directly following class. One of the locks where the class is held can be tricky sometimes. I used to struggle more with this pesky lock, but over the year of teaching there, I feel like I've mastered its nuances, until the night of this Law of Attraction class.

I was locking up and I could not get this lock to budge, not even a little. I had a student with me who was helping me close up. We both stood in disbelief, and with growing anxiety, over this lock that removed to budge. The owner only lives a few miles away, however he was on a business trip. The only two helpful phone numbers I had, aside from my local locksmith, were for people who lived almost an hour away and one that I knew was already asleep. We both took turns trying to make this lock move and were brainstorming the many oils we could begin applying to make this lock turn.

At my last attempt at the lock, I began giving immense gratitude for my student who had stayed in the cold and dark to help. Not on purpose, the gratitude just began flowing out of my heart because it was such a stressful situation, and I was so grateful I didn't have to handle this alone.

And then instantly the lock turned. I mean, as if it had been a normal lock all the time, easy, quick and most importantly locked!

Then she and I both stood in a little disbelief and so much amazement in how the shift in energy from panic to gratitude turned this lock. If we both weren't standing there watching it happen ourselves, we might not have believed it either. Incredible. All from this simple shift.

But this goes beyond our locks and keys. This state of gratitude affects our whole life and our whole world. If you want to manifest something different into your own life, begin with gratitude. What simple thing can you begin to savor and appreciate? Want to change your country or even your world? Begin with gratitude in your heart before the request. As Mr. Rogers would say, "Look for the helpers in your life." They are there. Give gratitude for them and the many blessings you already have in your life. Then watch those locks switch to open on the new doors in your life that will swing open with ease.

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Do you give from a place of overflow and fullness or from a place in your heart that feels depleted and exhausted?

How different would that love feel, for both the giver and receiver, if you filled your own heart first before giving so much to others?

When did you last fill your own emotional bucket?

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Erin Garay