Is Your Vibe Speaking Louder Than Your Words?

Is your vibe speaking louder than your words?

Yes, it always does. 

This is the very reason you can tell if someone is in a bad mood the moment they walk into a room and more importantly, what kind of vibe you’re putting out that other people are feeling.

It can make the difference between people responding to you wonderfully or terribly.

Have you ever wondered how certain people always seem to get upgraded all the time? Vibe. 
Other People receive generous gifts or opportunities? Vibe. 
Some people always get cut off on the freeway or have to wait longer for a table? Vibe... again.

It’s important to become aware of the power of this energy language so you can understand that you have a very active role in the way people respond to you, without ever saying a word to them.

My daughters and I flew to LA this weekend. One of my daughters was quite hangry and our energies were definitely clashing throughout our drive to and walk through the airport. It continued all the way up to the gate where the gate attended made us then check all our brand new carry on bags.  He swore they were too big yet many passengers who boarded after us brought on equal or larger bags. But no amount of convincing would change his mind on our bags. I knew it. We had walked up with angry vibes. He could feel it, and it triggered his angry vibe as well.  Despite wanting to hold onto our bags as we had tight dinner reservations on the back end, I knew it wouldn’t matter. We had brought the cranky vibe  with us and needed to own it.

Owning your vibe will change your life drastically. Instead of remaining angry at the gate checker, I owned my part and let it go. Knowing we’d all be in a better place once we spent some quiet time on the plane. Then we arrived and saw one of my very best friends and experienced the result of our vibe again. 

Except the pendulum swung the other way.

We were so happy to see each other and our vibe was so high that the restaurant made us meals off the menu, brought us drinks and were so amazing. I owned that vibe too.

Rather than feeling like a victim to the “luck” that shows up in your life, take a moment to notice what vibe you brought to the situation, without even saying a word. 

Your vibe speaks louder than words! 

You can magnetize or repel people in and out of your life just with your vibe.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  It’s one of the most empowering tools to master in your life to manifest the very life you want.
Much love, 

Erin Garay