How do you spend your birthday?


This is Birthday Month in my family. So many birthdays. So much love. So much great appreciation. 

It feels like the perfect time to talk birthdays here too. 

Our birthdays are so special. It is the day when the sun returns to its original place in the sky when you were brought to life. It is a day to absorb the wisdom from every event that transpired in your personal past year.  Once that wisdom is taken in, release what no longer serves you, clear it from your thoughts and move forward with great expectation that amazingness is going to fill your year ahead.  

I always tell clients to be very aware of what they do on their birthday.  Only "do," on your birthday, the very things you want to bring into your life for the year. This is why many of us celebrate with our loved ones...or at least the ones we want in our life this coming year. :) Pay attention to signs, synchronicity and symbols on your birthday because it is the Universe communicating with you on what is to come.  Begin a log and notice in what ways your symbols do manifest in your year. 

As your year wraps up before your birthday, you will find yourself in the end of year mop-up. I love this term and found it in this great article on If you would like to read this article in full, you may read it HERE

"The term “end-of-year mop-up” was coined by Jim Eshelman and Matthew Quellas to describe this period. While the dates for this time period are somewhat different for everyone, approximately 290 days after the birthday, or approximately 10-11 weeks before the next birthday , we are in a preparation stage for the incoming Solar Return. "

I find this fascinating. We spend this period doing mad finishing work. Finding closure. Reaching completion.  My accountability partner would validate that I have definitely felt the need to wrap things up before the numerology of my age and year changes. 

Enjoy a conscious birthday this year! Wrap up your year with a bow, release what needs to go and write yourself the best birthday card you will ever receive.  Write yourself a card filled with all of your intentions and plans for the year.

Make this day as special as you are.  The sun has returned to wish you the very best. Send what does not serve you up to the sun to burn away so you can enter your next year lighter and more prepared for the many blessings awaiting you in your next year. Join me for the below meditation to do this very thing! 

Happy Birthday to you whenever that is this year!

Enjoy celebrating you! 

Much love,

Erin Garay