What I experienced on the trail

I hiked up a trail today with my husband. I told him I needed to just release the negative thoughts I was having on our way up. I'd leave them all at the top and not come down with them.  When we got to the top, here was our view:


It's not the best picture, but trust me, it was glorious up there and as we started heading down, my husband asked me, "Is all your negative stuff out?"

By the time I had gotten to the top, I had already released my negative attachments to stories I was believing and had actually forgotten I had even said this on the way up. His question caused me to pause and make sure everything was out before I took another step.  I literally stopped in my tracks until I was thoroughly cleared of stories that were not serving me because I was not going to bring them down off that hill. 

As I finally walked down the trail, I saw our hike so differently.  I took in the grounding energy of the trees.  I noticed the texture on the bark of each tree.  I listened to the rocks rolling on the trail under each step I took.  I became acutely present of the trail and of the sun trickling through the leaves and the shadows that were cast by those very same leaves.  Of course, it got me thinking...

Our own "leaves" can let in the light, or they can cast shadows. 

It just depends on how you view them or what story you want to believe.  They can darken your world or shine light on your world in a new and different way, depending on your focus.

What do you do with the leaves cluttering your life's trail?  Do you focus on their shadows or notice the light flooding in around them?

Our leaves can be stories we've told ourselves, traumas we've experienced or challenges expanding us. Regardless of their origin, it's what we do with them that matters. How do you view and release your leaves?

Do you become acutely aware of their presence and beauty?  Or become so frustrated with them and the shadow they appear to be casting on your life that you can no longer see their beauty or the light that is still flowing in around them?

Sometimes we need help to see our leaves in a different way. 

Sometimes it is too hard for us to see the light that surrounds them or to see the beauty of just one leaf.

It is our patterning that leads us to how we see it all. 

This patterning is held in our body's energy system and you can shift and change it all. Because once we establish a pattern, our body continues to attract more of the same.  It doesn't have to be that way though.

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Not even sure what a Chakra is or how it affects how you view the world, your leaves or your patterns?

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I can't wait to share this experience with you. As Spring begins to grow new and beautiful leaves on all of its trees, I hope you begin to appreciate the leaves that have become a part of your life. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, despite, and in honor of, all that the leaves and their branches have endured through their many seasons of change.

How will you renew this Spring? 

Much love,

Erin Garay