Which ribbon will you cut this week?

Which ribbon will you cut this week, and how will it change your life?

Through the centuries, ribbon cutting ceremonies have taken place at weddings and special events to signify new beginnings, fresh starts and the release of all the greatness that is being bound up by that simple, little ribbon. 

What greatness have you been holding onto that, if you just cut your own tie to something, might be released and possibly change the world? 

Everyone has greatness within them. 

Your greatness looks different than the person sitting next to you though. If we try to all "be the same" then our greatness and divine purpose gets hidden. Like a pointillism portrait, each of us make up this perfect picture. You are a different color and sized dot than your friend, partner, or child, and you're supposed to be. Each of those dots creates this beautiful, rich, intricate piece of art that takes our breath away. 

Our greatness does the same thing. 

We are each a certain-sized and colored dot, on purpose. We are each meant to live out that particular dot's purpose and complete this portrait of life together that, when noticed, takes our breath away.

But what happens when a dot is missing from the pointillism portrait?

There is a hole in the painting. The portrait is not complete. 

The same thing happens in life. If you hide your greatness, your uniqueness, then you are leaving this perfectly crafted portrait with a hole. 

So I invite you to join me this Thursday evening for Love.Heal.Thrive.'s official Ribbon cutting. But in cutting that ribbon with me, I invite you to cut what's been holding you back from sharing your greatness and begin to live out the part of you that is being called to paint the town and to complete this perfect portrait laid out before you. 

See you Thursday!

Much love,

Erin Garay