What a clogged toilet taught me

Our 52 Helpers Academy was this weekend, and it was amazing! Elizabeth shared so much wisdom and love with us about this incredibly accurate system. If you want to check it out, follow her on Facebook at 52 Helpers. It's amazing how accurate it is every single day.

And then she taught me something else that day...

The toilet got clogged 2 hours into our all-day class. I had to run out twice to buy 2 different plungers with no success in clearing it. I took the ladies next door to Jiffy Lube to use their restroom. I exchanged 10 different calls with multiple plumbers (because who wants to plunge on a Sunday?) and felt terrible and continued to apologize and apologize until Elizabeth and another student said, "Stop apologizing and say 'I'm fabulous' instead."


I'm fabulous...and I have a broken toilet.

I'm fabulous...and I've plunged it.

I'm fabulous...and the plumber is on his way.

How often do we absorb so much internal responsibility for the "things" that happen in our lives? Too often.

Things happen...always for a reason...and it does not mean we are less than perfect because they happen. We are perfect...and things happen..and we fix them. It does not take away from who we are. It does not define us. It does not diminish us. Things happen, but we often forget that it's not significant...especially when surrounded by fragile family relationships around the holidays.

So when things go wrong this Thanksgiving, pause and say, "I'm fabulous...and I will fix it." And be thankful you are perfectly you in every way.

Much love,


Erin Garay