Love Heal Thrive has brick and mortar now! I've opened my own healing center that will be packed full of classes, teachers and healing.  I could not be more ready to offer this sanctuary to San Carlos, give other healers a home to heal and provide the community a place to gather. A blessing and dedication event will take place towards the end of August, and I hope you'll join me. In the meantime, I'll be hanging curtains and doing some touch up painting to finish off the building.

God is so good. He has guided every step and has brought in the very people, money and resources in at the very moment I needed it during this process. When I needed money, I received money. When I needed a lawyer, one appeared through a friend. When I needed website design help, help literally walked through my door.

God has hand delivered everthing I've needed to open this center, and He will do the same for you too. The plan and purpose for your life is abundant and amazing and totally available to you. However, God rarely shows us the whole plan at one time. It's usually just the next step you receive.

In biblical times, travelers would tie lanterns onto their shoes so they could see their next step. But they could only see their very next step, faith and trust had be their second step because it was so dark, they couldn't see beyond the lantern.  Are you getting quiet enough to listen to the direction for your next step beyond your lantern? 

If your answer was "no", or "not sure" or "what does God's guidance or this next step even sound like," then I encourage you to sign up for Oprah & Deepak's FREE 21-day meditation series that begins today. These offerings are amazing and life-changing. It is free and takes only a few minutes each day.


I look forward to seeing you at Love.Heal.Thrive.- San Carlos for classes, Reiki, Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Aurasoma.

Here is more information on all of these modalities:


To make an appointment:

Call/Text 650-743-6444


And if you have healer friends who need a home, feel free to connect us. I'd love to share my space and bring even more love and healing to San Carlos. See you soon!

Much love,


Erin Garay