The moment I cried...

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This past weekend we blessed Love.Heal.Thrive. and the center was filled with familiar and new faces. Some were old dear friends and some were brand new people coming to check the space out.

Guests wrote matching intentional words on two different rocks and left one at the center and took one home, painted hearts on a huge canvas and set intention and blessing as we chanted the Om Mani Padme Hum chant together. The center was overflowing with love, intention and blessing. It was incredible.

As part of my talk, I shared how I manifested this house. I had realized this only a few weeks ago and wanted to share this story with you too. Probably about a year and a half ago, I had this desire to open a center. I wanted a house where I could host classes and other practitioners could rent space to serve their own clients. But I released that thought immediately, saying to myself these precise words, "I don't know how that'll ever happen. I'd love that to happen but do not know how it could come into existence."

Well, by letting go and letting God work out the details, it manifested in my life faster than I ever would have believed.

Instead of worrying about cost, availability, or capability, I released it all and let God get to work.

When I finally made this connection, I bawled. I cried in gratitude, in awe over how good God is at His job and in dedication recognizing what a servant He has called me to be. This has happened all so fast and that's how God works. When he's ready to move you forward onto that next job, next phase, next moves fast. He knows what he's doing. He is a mover and a shaker.

God places desires in us to bring us closer to our life's purpose. So what are those desires you've had in your heart? About your work? About your family? About your health? Feel those desires, really feel them. Believe they can come in and that you are worthy of them and then release the how. Trust God's plan will bring it in faster and better than you could ever do for yourself. He will bring the people and the resources. Just get started. I can't wait to hear what manifests in your life!

My Energy Boot Camp Chakra Series begins this Wednesday. This 8-week process is so much more than a meditation class. It will help you see where you are stuck in your life and give you the tools and tricks to heal that space in your life so it can stop holding you back. From this place of non-attachment to past hurt, you can manifest and move your life forward in ways you will not even realize. I can't encourage you enough to sign up for this series.

Early Bird Pricing Ends tomorrow! Sign up today!


Early Bird pricing is extended until Monday for Labor Day! Can't wait to see you in class to grow and learn more together!

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