What I learned at Whole Foods

Are you starving too? 

On my almost daily trip to Whole Foods last week, I was walking into the store and this homeless man came running up to me, screaming, "Call 911! Call 911!"

Not knowing what the problem might be, I brought him to the front desk so they could call for help. He again shouted, "Call 911! Call 911!...and then added... "I need a candy bar!" Then he placed fifty cents down on the counter. It was funny, sweet and awfully sad. Unsure of how to handle the situation, the front desk employees weren't very kind to him and in fact, it seemed like everyone was ignoring this man that was walking around this store, starving.  All I could see in this man was his hunger.  Yes, he was disheveled, intoxicated, single-shoed and desperately alone and hungry. Intuitively knowing this situation may go awry fast, I quickly ran through the store to grab my few items and also a few protein bars that tasted just like candy bars. 
It was as if by divine arrangement that when I reached the front of the store, I literally bumped into him. I told him I had bars for him that tasted just like candy bars, but that I just needed to purchase them. He looked like he was going to cry and immediately said, "Thank you so much. I will pray for you in heaven."  I could see the hunger in his eyes and could feel the gratitude.  I purchased his bars and he immediately sat down politely at a table and started eating them as quickly as he could.  He was just starving.  And it got me thinking...as most things do...  Was he starving for food? Or was he starving for connection and kindness?  And which did he really need more of to survive? And really, how many of us are starving for that very thing too?
The employees I alerted that I had purchased those bars (so he wasn't accused of shoplifting) seemed so surprised that I had purchased them for him.  I actually thought their response was more upsetting than this homeless man.  Why the surprise in connecting to the humanity of someone? In anyone?  Homeless or rich?  Kindness heals your own heart. Kindness connects you to something outside of yourself that ultimately connects you to the part of you that is connected to everyone. All I could think during this entire experience was if he is starving, then there is a part of me that is starving too. 
Now more than ever we are being called to called to love. Be the kindness you want showered on you.  Be the giver.  Be the helper, and you will find your heart and soul filled with a love that will nourish you deeper you than you ever expected and that no candy bar could ever top!

Do you continue to have the same situation present itself?

Do you find similar experiences surface among your family?

Do you want to feel ownership over your own life?

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Much love,


Erin Garay