What does gratitude look like to you?

It's my favorite month of the year! A whole month dedicated to gratitude! Gratitude is such an important energy state to establish in our lives. Not only does it make us appreciate what we already have and turn scarcity into abundance, but it is this very practice that allows us to manifest the very life we desire.

I have 50 reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving. I will be hosting my family reunion and will somehow cram 50 beautiful family members into my tiny 1800 square foot home.  My home will be abundant with people, laughter, love and food. I am on the countdown until the day my family arrives as I check off my to-do list each and every day of house tasks and shopping lists. Grateful to have so many people to bring into my space and grateful to be grateful, instead of the many other ways I could feel about such an event. And I know I feel this way because of the many spiritual practices I utilize every day that I am sharing with you in all of these Energy Boot Camp Classes. I hope you will join me for November's classes as they will set you up for the holidays and for the many to classes heading your way.

Erin Garay