"Don't go back to sleep"

"Don't go back to sleep." ~Wayne Dyer

How many times are you woken up by a noise, a bird chirping or the heater turning on?  Have you ever thought for a moment that there might be a purpose to that wake-up noise?
Have you ever stayed awake intentionally after that experience or just laid in bed flopping back and forth, frustration mounting, only to begin your day in a negative space?  What if there was another way?
Wayne Dyer often taught this lesson. When we are woken up in the night, don't go back to sleep.  Sit up, meditate and LISTEN.  Listen to the faint whisper in your head.  So often, this is the only time we are quiet in our day and the divine will take whatever opportunity it can to reach you.  I have made this a regular practice and have always found to have plenty of energy for my day because I started my day with such love and guidance. I've also received some of my very best life guidance this way. 
This morning was one of those test days.  I went to bed at midnight and my daughter shouted out in her sleep at 5am and completely startled me awake.  But I took to this lesson and sat up and meditated until 6:30am.  When I opened my eyes, the sun was coming through my windows and I felt grounded, peaceful, connected and so very guided.  Give it a try!  The next time you get woken up at night...don't go back to sleep. You may just find the answer you were searching for all along. Can't wait to hear what comes up for you!     

Angel Circle

Join us for our next Angel Circle on Monday, September 19th from 7:30pm-9:00pm.
This month, we are calling upon ArchAngel Azrael to heal our grieving hearts.  We certainly grieve when someone close to us dies, but grief is not limited to death. Grief shows up through any life change. A relationship ending, a friendship ending or even changing because we've changed so much.  Life before caring for someone else such as an aging parent or even a child. 
When we can recognize it's grief we are feeling, we can begin to be more gentle with ourselves and heal ourselves in a whole new way. Join us Monday night for this very special Angel Circle of healing.
I look forward to sharing this night together.
Space is limited. Please sign up here to reserve your spot.
Class fee: $22

Energy Boot Camp

Join us for our 2nd chakra Energy Boot Camp THIS THURSDAY at 7:45pm at Brien Shamp's Boot camp. Class was amazing last week.  We had 20 students who all left feeling grounded and secure. This week, we will be healing that energy that keeps us back from creating the life that we want and feeling connected to the people in our lives.  It's going to be an amazing class and I hope to see you there!


Erin Garay