Me and my lunch date!

I went to lunch today with my Dad's best friend. This man promised to be there for me when my Dad passed away when I was 24, telling me, "You got a lot of life left. You're gonna need someone."

For 35 years, we have bet on the Super Bowl and paid our losses to each other with the craziest of zingers. This die-hard Stanford fan couldn't wait to start our lunch today by handing me the sports page rankings to highlight USC's gauging drop off the list. When the shenanigans subsided, we got to talking about the real stuff.

We talked about our families and our health and then there came a point in the conversation where I was able to teach him how to ground his energy. I was able to show him how to focus his energy so he could feel more grounded, lose his keys less, and remember what he was saying. It was as if a light bulb went on for him.  At 83, a light bulb went on, and he was able to learn how to associate with his body in a whole new way.  He could feel in control, powerful, grounded and most importantly, peaceful.

It just ignited my passion even more for what I'm teaching.  Don't wait until you're 83 to learn how to focus your energy.  Come and learn how powerful it can feel to stand grounded and centered.  It will feel fantastic.

Energy Boot Camp Class begins TOMORROW,


at 7:45pm. 

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If you've thought about joining this class at all, this is the time.  Tomorrow's session sets the foundation for the rest of the series, and it is going to be incredible.


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Sending you big love!


Erin Garay