What's your why?

My Why...

I was at the gym yesterday. The past 2 days, I feel like I've had Superwoman workouts. I've opted for attempting to do pull-ups instead of the TRX bands. I've completed multiple rounds of monkey bars, rock walls and climbing to the ceiling of the gym on a rope ladder wall. But as strong as I've become in the last year physically, it pales in comparison to the emotional strength I've gained by doing what I feel like I was brought here to do. Now that takes some strength.

After this 2nd intense workout yesterday, I found myself sharing my why with other women from class while hanging out in the lobby. It moved my heart so much that I felt like I should share it with you too.

Why do I teach this stuff? Why am I so passionate about empowering people to solve their own energy imbalances? Why does it even matter?

Because I want to make fishermen and fisherwomen (Is that even a word?). I don't want to feed anyone fish. I mean, I could. I have a private practice and could heal and balance people's energy every day, and I do. But that's not what really drives me.

I have seen first hand how powerful owning your own "stuff" can be. I've seen clients who have spent years in therapy heal their challenges within weeks of energy healing. I've seen physical ailments heal once their energy started moving within their bodies. My clients sleep better and quite frankly, process life better. My number one question when clients ask me what I think about a situation is..."What do you think?"

I want to teach people to fish for themselves. I want to give them all the tools I have so they can feel how incredibly powerful it feels to strengthen, balance and heal their own energy, which in turn heals their body, mind and spirit.

My why...it drives me to push myself in ways I never expected. The tools I teach my clients change them forever and I'm honored and humbled that I get to guide them on even a small piece of their journey. And how I know this is precisely where I'm supposed to be....because every class my teachings come from a place so deep and so heartfelt that I know it's something far greater than me that is leading me and helping me empower everyone there to heal and strengthen themselves.

So what's your why? Why are you holding back from changing? Or why is now the time to change, grow and strengthen you?

In the end, the only question to ask is, "what do you think?"

Erin Garay