Are you asking for it at midnight?

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My family and I just left Sedona on a family trip. Here's a picture of us at the top of one of the vortex sites.

You can literally see the energy surrounding us in this picture. It was phenomenal.

While we were up there, I led everyone in a standing qigong meditation so everyone could collect some of that incredible vortex energy and use it for their own body's healing. In this particular stance, you sit as if you were in a chair and hold your arms in front of you, creating a little circle or basket to collect the available energy and then rub it into the part of your body that needs it most.

It was amazing. My youngest daughter put it in her mouth and said it felt like pop rocks in her mouth. Out of the mouths of babes...

But as I stood on that rock formation, I began to think about this amazing energy and how it applies to this upcoming new year.

We are all made up of energy. It's scientifically proven. But on that rock yesterday, we asked for more energy, and God gave it to us. Because we held space in these open baskets for him to fill it with that energy...and we believed He would fill it.

And He did.

The same can be said for this New Year's Eve. Set your intentions. Write down your resolutions, and I challenge you to ask for one thing to happen in 2018 that, in its manifesting in your life, would feel like something beyond your wildest dreams has happened upon coming true.

Ask for it.

Then hold space for it...just like those little energy baskets at the vortex. Be sure those best intentions and New Year's resolutions don't take up all the room in your own little basket.

Trust God to fill your basket as you hold space for him to do so.

And He will.

It will not only be filled, but it will overflow with his grace and blessings. But do your part tonight by asking for what you want and do your part in 2018 by holding the space for God to do his work and believe He will do it.

I can't wait to hear what amazing things happen for you in 2018 because you asked for them to happen.

I'm so grateful for you and am wishing you an incredible 2018!

Happy New Year!

Much love,


Erin Garay