Believe is the word of the day

One December afternoon a few years ago, my daughter sat down at the computer to do her homework. She plugged in her flash drive and searched for her homework to finish. What she found was something quite different.

She called from the office, "Mama, can you come here please?"

So I walked in and she showed me that it had pulled up every single tooth fairy letter we'd ever written and then she whispered,

"And then I found this, Mama."

And showed me the Santa letter we had written the year before.

With confusion and tears in her eyes, I hugged her so hard. She was 11. It was beyond time for Santa truth according to today's standards, but still a chapter closing.

And then I knelt down next to her and tried to remember everything I could from a Facebook post I had read on revealing Santa.

I told her that Santa gave us an opportunity to believe in something greater than ourselves. It helps us to reach out and love in bigger and greater ways. That I do believe in Santa because Santa is the spirit of helping and loving beyond our comfort zone. And while this should be standard protocol, "Santa" gets us started. Once initiated, we can bring that feeling and effort into more of our entire year.

And that is what I intend to do this year.

My accountability partner asked me to pick one word for the year that everything would be themed toward and my word for 2018 is Believe.

So many times this year I have found myself saying to myself, " I can't believe it." I can't believe Love,Heal.Thrive. has a brick and mortar, an outpouring of teachers and classes and love and community. So my word of this year is Believe. Believing what is happening helps us to remain present in the present moment and brings gratitude into every second of that moment.

So for 2018, I will believe...

in myself that I am worthy and capable of all that is headed my way in 2018.

in others and that their intentions are good and trustworthy

everything happens in perfect divine order and in the perfect divine way

and I continue to believe in Santa...

What's your word for 2018?

I can't wait to hear!

Merry Christmas!

Much love,


Erin Garay