Are you fertilizing your dreams?

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At our Vision Board Manifesting event, we began with clearing what had not worked for us this past year. We spent several minutes writing down the experiences, the stories and the false truths that we had believed had kept us from moving forward in the past. We wrote them down to clear them out of us. We held onto the wisdom and cleared the hurt, the disappointment, the pain...we cleared the fertilizer.

You see, we were writing those hurts down on seeded paper. Paper that would begin to grow into something fresh, vibrant and new once planted. Each attendee was instructed to go home and plant their shredded papers and allow their hurt to be the fertilizer for something new to come in. Here's mine.

My neighbor will tell you...I have a terrible green thumb, and I plant new flowers in my front yard more than I water. (I'm always grateful for winter's rain!), But I do know this... fertilizer helps plants to grow stronger, healthier and more beautiful than if it had not been used. The same is true for our life and all the fertilizing experiences within it. You are stronger, healthier and more beautiful because of all of these events in your life.

These hurts, struggles and pain are the fertilizer that makes you stronger, more resilient and prepares you for what you were brought here to do. It's never fun to acknowledge the hurt, for anyone, but once you see it and release it the hurt can be used for what it was brought in prepare you for the blessings headed your way. It prepares you to be a blessing to this world and to the people in it.

Are you still holding onto your fertilizer or have you put it to work? Is it time to write out your hurt and plant it? Take a moment and release it and use it for its purpose- to nourish you, instead of hinder you. It's time to dig. Spring is coming...

Much love,


Erin Garay