Are you tired of being tired too?

Quite often, I wake up in the morning and find myself saying the exact same thing, "I'm so tired of being tired."

Have you ever experienced this? Or did you experience this today, even? 

The repetition of this exhaustion has me thinking about what's behind my oh-so-tired feeling.

Why do we keep ourselves so busy? 

Are we really that busy? Or...

Is it a lack of personal boundaries or self-love where we don't honor ourselves enough to say "no" to someone's request? 

Do we say "yes" to something that won't really fill us? 

Does having a full schedule make us feel more important? Or feel more successful?

Do we stay busy to avoid feeling something or addressing a particular situation?

Do we use "busy" as a barrier for connection because it feels too scary to risk being vulnerable?   

I've been guilty of all of the above. 

We live in a society that expects busy. Rarely, if ever, do we expect to see a friend spontaneously. Many museums and tours now require pre-ticketing where we once could walk in. We ask people to text us instead of email because we may not see the email in the flood of messages in our inbox. 

Maybe I'm just describing my own life, but I doubt it. It is our world. 

We push, and we push, and we push until we're depleted. Then we go on vacation, get a massage to "refill" and do it all over again. But recently I've been thinking a lot about how to break this cycle, and I have literally taken refuge from it all in meditation.

Many years ago, I made myself one promise.

I promised not to put my head down on the pillow until I meditated for at least one minute a night. Often, 1 minute turns into 15-30 minutes, but I only require 1 minute of myself. Even if I get in bed at 1am, I surrender before I fall asleep for just 1 minute.

And what happens is amazing. Even if I go to bed late, my body automatically wakes me up early enough to connect and meditate again in the morning.  I haven't had to build my meditation practice. 

It built itself by meditating 1 minute a day.

And the days my meditation is amazing, so is my energy. I don't find myself saying, "I'm exhausted."
I find time for everything, and I'm not tempted to use the word busy. Much like my blog on eliminating the word "unfortunately" from our vocabulary, I've tried to stop using the word busy, as well. I'll use full, abundant, amazing, but I catch myself from saying, "I'm busy."
So you can imagine when I heard the wisdom to rest today in my morning meditation, I didn't know if I could do it.  However, I learned long ago God knows best, and the only one who messes up my day is me... trying to get in the way of God's plan.  

The message I heard in meditation was that I have planted many seeds and that I need to let them grow and come to me.  I needed to rest.

My seeds needed to germinate.  For seeds to germinate, their environmental conditions must be abundant. Key factors for successful germination include: how deep the seed is planted, water availability and temperature. When there is abundant water, the seeds fill with water and can then sprout. The seed first grows a root so it can continue to access water underground then the shoots grow above ground.

Kinda sounds like life, doesn't it? We are sometimes covered in dirt and fertilizer (!) up to our chins or sometimes buried in it. But as it turns out, this will only help our personal seeds grow more. Just like our seeds, we need nourishment, good water and darkness.  So often, we experience a period of darkness before a major blessing arrives in our life. It is in that darkness that we connect with ourselves, get grounded and grow those tree roots so we can be ready for the journey to find the sun.  With those roots, we can continue to feel nourished during and after our period of growth.  

And I kid you not.... I rested for just the morning which meant I just moved half-paced through my morning, really, and one of the opportunities I'd "planted" reached out to me.  Just like my guidance had said it would.

I gave myself nutrients today. I drank a ton of mineral water, took time for myself and slowed down. I grounded. I organized.  I grew my roots. I allowed the seeds to soak it all in, and I took care of myself. 

Where can you rest to let your body nourish? Where do you need to add more roots? Are you covered in dirt and struggling with a period of darkness? Would your seeds sprout if you just took a little time to nourish?

Soak in the nourishment that is around you and let your seeds germinate. If you aren't finding nourishment, change your environment.  
Nourish you and the seeds you have planted and watch them bloom into the life you've desired that is abundant, happy and full of life and energy. 
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Much love,

Erin Garay