How Can It Get Better Than This?

How can it get better than this?

This week, I read the best post on one of the many pages I follow. This particular message was on the Abraham-Hicks page and was talking about how much we limit ourselves or expand our lives based on the words we speak and, of course as I’ve written before, the vibes we put out there

When something good happens to us, we often feel and say to ourselves,

“Wow! Life can’t get any better than this!” 

But what if, in saying that it can’t get any better, we limit ourselves by staking this claim? How do we know it can’t get any better? Is it possible that life could get even better no matter what?  I believe it can.

We just have to ask for it and allow it in. 

The next time you find a penny, ask yourself, “ How can it get better than this?”

See if you find a dollar the next day.

The next time you have a great phone conversation with a friend, or a great day at work, ask yourself, “How can it get better than this?”

See if you have another incredible conversation or maybe an incredible outing together the next day.

This can work in reverse as well. 

Your child had a tough day at school, a friend disappointed you or your boss was being more challenging than normal. We ask,

“How can it get better than this?”

Same words…a little different sentiment...same request.

We are always asking for our situation to improve. 

The latter example is asking for improvement when we know things could certainly get better because they are so low. We’re used to this one.

However, the first example is asking us to believe better is still possible, even when things are great. It’s asking for us not to limit our blessings but to believe we can and are worthy of receiving more into our lives when things are already incredible.

Blessings are abound and readily given to those who are willing to receive them.

Receiving is where we get caught up.

Sometimes, we don’t think we’re worthy to receive blessings.  Maybe we feel badly that the house is a mess. Perhaps we feel that we’re inherently not “good enough” to receive blessings. Maybe we still have a few bad habits or a Facebook addiction. We didn’t bring dinner to our sick friend last week.

Not one of these details affects your Divine worthiness. Nothing can affect your Divine worthiness.  

Divine worthiness lives in this place within us that is untouched, unharmed, unattached to any wordly drama or hurt.  It is this place within that, when you tune into it, feels sacred, pure and whole.  This place is within each of us, not just one person, or a select few.

It is this sacred space within us that allows us to be worthy and available to receive abundant blessings when times are bad and good.  Everything that has been happening in your world has been happening for a divinely perfect reason. Welcome it. Learn from it. Grow from it.  Allow it to strengthen you so you can take the next step on your journey. There are lessons to be gained from every situation…lessons and blessings.

Regardless of what you are going through right now-a season of trial or a season of triumph, you are worthy to receive more. So, ask for it.

No matter what happens tomorrow, tune into that sacred space within you and ask yourself, “How can it get better than this?”
I would love to see your results!  Post pictures and stories on Facebook and Instagram of the blessings that come into your life just by asking this week. Include #Howcanitgetbetterthanthis #LoveHealThrive  They will come just by you asking for them!  I can’t wait to see them!

Much love,


Erin Garay