How will your favorite color change the world?

I co-led a beautiful women's retreat this weekend. I was tucked away in breathtaking views, bathed in spiritual nourishment and surrounded by amazing women. 

I was cut off from the outside world. 

So, much like all of us I imagine, I was horrified, shocked and so saddened when we heard the news and were asked to pray for the victims of another recent shooting. This time at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.
How could this happen...again? 

My heart sank. My eyes filled with tears. I prayed extra hard as it felt like we had a direct line to God up there today.

"God, please bless us all and help us to reach our own state of understanding, compassion and grace for ourselves, each other and our world."

And then something I said earlier in the week circled back into my thoughts.

 Our faiths are like our favorite colors. 

We all have one and each of our choices are personal, unique and perfectly aligned with our hearts. 

No one questions you when you say your favorite color is purple, red, blue or green.

It's just your favorite color. 

You surround yourself with it because it makes your heart sing. 

So does your faith. 

And like the many colors that fill the rainbows in the sky, there are so many choices of faith. 

Each of which are perfect for the person called to that faith.

It's just your faith. 

You surround yourself with it because it makes your heart sing.  

It really is that simple. 

What makes your heart complete may not be the same for the person standing next to you, but it doesn't make their choice wrong. 

It just may not be your favorite color, or your favorite faith, but it could be theirs.

We don't need to prove that someone's color choice is wrong or right. 

It's just what is right for them. 

Much like my earlier blog on the uncompliment, it is not a personal slight when someone doesn't share our very favorite color, or our faith. 

What works for me may not work for you, and vice-versa. 

But we do need all our colors and faiths to meet all our unique needs. 

A single-colored rainbow would not light up the sky or take our breath away in quite the same way.

We need all the colors. 

Let your favorite color brighten your day so that you can then brighten someone else's day.

Your favorite color doesn't change someone else's do. 

Much love,

Erin Garay