Did you see your angel signs today?

Friday was my mom's 10th Angel Birthday. It was such a tough day for me. While I realize how many people have been helped as a result of her passing through Angel Birthdays' publication, my grief talks and my healing center, I know it is all part of the Divine plan. It just might not have been my plan when it all started out.

10 years has its own term for a reason. It is a significant amount of time.

A decade of memories.

A decade of change.

A decade of growth.

A decade since I last saw her face.

It's hard to believe that much time has passed as life has gone on, yet in a different way. Some parts are better. Some parts are worse. It's just gone on.

So you can imagine my surprise when I left my healing center feeling so melancholy on Friday and looked up at the sky to see this from her.


It was a kiss right from her, just like in Angel Birthdays.

unnamed (5).jpg

It was incredible! I was literally standing on the corner in awe. In awe of her sign. In awe of the reassurance and connection I felt. In awe that after a decade, I could still burst into tears.

Grief changes us forever. But it often leads us to where we are exactly meant to be in our lives. Angel Birthdays and Love.Heal.Thrive. is living proof.

I'm so grateful my mom's Angel Birthday was so close to these Reimagine events to allow my heart to share, connect and heal even more. I hope you will join me tonight and tomorrow night as we explore how grief is leading you toward your life purpose too.

Please join me for Reimagine's week long series April 16-22. Reimagine is

7 days

100+ Events

200+ Collaborators


I will be hosting 2 events in collaboration of this incredible series so we can start to have the difficult and healing conversations that need to happen with our grief.

How grief brings us to our life purpose. Tonight, Tuesday, April 17th at 7pm

Talk & Angel Birthdays book signing

Healing your grief 2 minutes at a time workshop & journal signing. Wednesday, April 18th at 7pm- Workshop and Journal signing

There are more details in the above links and down below. Please feel free to pass along to your friends who may need comfort during a tough time brought on by life's grief.

Looking forward to seeing you for these important conversations and healing together.

Much love,


Erin Garay