The healing power of the Dukkha of Impermanence

This has been a couple of tough, tough weeks. Our entire household has been sick, my hubbie's been traveling for work and, collectively, we have all had so many commitments. Every morning I found myself waking up wondering how on earth I would be able to accomplish what I needed to accomplish. Somehow though, we always made it through the day without skipping too many meals or losing our keys and everyone, mostly got to where they needed to be. If they didn't, we discovered they didn't really need to be there anyway. Everything really was OK.

Something helped me through the madness though, and I wanted to share it with you this morning. I found myself teaching others and really focusing on the Buddhist teaching of the Dukkha of impermanence through all that's been going on. This simple teaching helps us to understand that nothing lasts forever...good or bad. So it can help us persevere through the hard moments in life, knowing that they will not last forever. On the flip side, this teaching helps us to savor the good moments in our lives because those too, unfortunately, do not last forever. Becoming acutely aware and accepting and living this principle helps us to have greater appreciation for the amazing times in our lives and gives us strength and resilience through those tougher moments. God knows I have been grateful some of the moments over the past few weeks were only going to last a short time. And it has helped me feel a deeper appreciation for the really great things in my life, knowing that those too could end at any moment. Remaining in moment to moment resilient appreciation will keep us present, grounded and acutely aware of this beautiful and precious life we are given. What can you be more grateful for this week if you knew it wouldn't be here tomorrow? Where can you relax a little more in your life if you knew the struggle would be over next week? Watch how your perspective, and your heart, changes with this simple little shift.

Erin Garay