What’s your kind of fun?

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We recently went to Disneyland as a family. I have one rollercoaster child and one, well, non-rollercoaster child. I sent rollercoaster child and Dad off to the nearest rollercoaster and turned to my other daughter and said, "Let's go find our own fun." I taught her how to aim a pretend rifle (as my dad had once taught me, probably on the same pretend gun) and we shot targets in the pretend shooting range, making all sorts of crazy happen-trains whistle, horses neigh and lights light up.

Then we went into the Golden Horseshoe (a dream come true for a horse-loving girl) and shared a root beer float. We had the best 30 minutes as we continued to talk about the importance of enjoying "your own" kind of fun. I told her that if more than 50% of your body felt an activity might be fun that it might be worth pushing yourself to go and do something out of your comfort zone. If less than 50% feels motivated, she might be better off to choose to do something else. But to never be pressured into going along for the ride. The most important thing to do is always honor yourself. You will simply have more fun that way- your own kind of fun and your heart knows what exactly kind of fun you need!

When was the last time you honored yourself? When was the last time you had your own kind of fun? If it's been awhile, decide what would be fun for you and do it! Regardless of what others might think, do or say. Then watch how the rest of your day unfolds. It might just feel like everything has fallen into place and that the world seems just a little bit brighter for awhile. A little bit of fun goes a long way!

Erin Garay