The tell-all truth about my Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was crazy! My daughter was in a weekend-long volleyball tournament which meant instead of a leisurely coffee and breakfast in bed to be celebrated, I was on the court bright and early to cheer her on. Rush, rush, rush. A few "Happy Mother's Days!" mentioned here and there but hardly the treatment I had "expected." Throughout the day, more of the same crazy. Kids being loud and disagreeing. My husband got sick. We had to leave our only Mother's day celebration early. Blah blah blah. Continue on with the day's hopeful expectations falling flat.

Here's my lesson for the day though that I will take with me for weeks and months to come that I want to share with you. I found throughout the day, the more I "expected" to be treated a certain way, the greater the divide between my expectations and reality and what was left....was unnecessary suffering.

Have you ever had a day like this?

You expect one thing and something totally different happens and then you feel hurt, disappointed, angry, even?

But here's where my night turned around.

I took my thoughts out of my own head and heart and started focusing on others.

I began texting other mom friends to tell them how grateful I was for them. They quickly texted me back. My gratitude totally shifted my mood, as it does. Throughout my text exchanging, my feelings and energy were shifting. It got to the point where I would just think about people, and they'd text me before I could text them to say Happy Mother's Day. I ended up winning this beautiful crystal in this giveaway my friend Angela at Choose Love Designs was hosting. Finally, my family and I had 5 minutes to open the gifts they had prepared for me. My night ended full, happy and complete.

I have often struggled with the expectations set too high and finding myself disappointed ....and for no reason. There is always something incredible to be grateful for in any situation. We bring in more of what we focus on and by focusing on gratitude, we raise our vibration and bring in more abundance into our lives!

I am so grateful to be a mom to my two beautiful daughters who radiate love upon me every single day. Grateful for God's plan and grateful to be sharing this all with you!

The next time you find yourself in that great divide between your expectations and reality, pause and give thanks for the many blessings that will help you build that bridge between those two places in your heart.

Happy Mother's Day!

Much love,


Erin Garay