Are you finding the next clue in your life journey?

Have you had moments where you consistently hear the same name mentioned to you or around you?

Have you heard the same subject matter appear in conversation and on the radio and on television in a matter of weeks or days?

This is not just coincidence.

It's synchronicity.

The Divine is very clear with our next steps...when we're listening.

We will hear repeated phrases, names or subjects, and it just so happens that those very words we often hear line up with the answers we've been praying for morning and night.

The great thing is that we can empower our steps and move forward with our messages by responding upon noticing the repetition.

But even if you don't notice, God will take care of it for you.

This weekend, I attended a wellness fair. Many of my clients were in attendance and one had texted me to see if I was there. With hands full, I never checked my phone. I was manning a booth for a friend for a few minutes when the same client walked right up to my table.

She said, "I texted you! I'm here with some people I'd like to introduce you to. They've heard your name 4-5 times." Turns out, I had heard their names 4-5 times too. I knew we were meant to meet.

Missing a text wouldn't keep it from happening.

The funny thing is that I have heard these people's names and yet I didn't know how to reach out to them or for what purpose so although I knew it to be a sign, I didn't act on it. Upon getting deeper into our conversation after meeting, it was apparent why God was bringing us together. We can help each other's clients and share a ton of great information to better each of our practices. Incredible!

And that is how God works.

He gives us plenty of signs for us to do it ourselves before He takes back the reigns and does it Himself.

If you've been fired from a job, wasn't it usually after hearing many messages to leave prior to your being let go?

If you left a relationship or the relationship left you, weren't there many signs leading you toward this outcome?

Sometimes, we only notice the signs in hindsight, but I assure you, they are there. The power behind this message is that it can help us move beyond victim and move into trusting God's plan.

The next time something "unfavorable" happens in your life, take a few minutes to reflect on the weeks and months prior and see if you can find the signs that would have led you here. You are not a victim to your circumstance. You are being led to greater and bigger blessings.

And if you are looking for and finding your signs, jump on those synchronicities and watch the life of your dreams unfurl.

Much love,


Erin Garay