How To Make It Through This Season Of Craziness

How do we feel safe in this crazy world we are living in right now? It seems we are all enduring chaos and never-ending challenges about beliefs, statements andcharacter...from every news story to every conversation we have within our own community, depending on which side of the news story we support. The people in the news are being challenged, and we are being challenged, as well.  It is horribly exhausting. Isn't it?

So where do you think that leaves us spiritually and energetically? Same place. Exhausted.

Where can we find refuge and security from it all? There is a place, and we're going to talk about it today.  

It is in this place where we feel safe within ourselves, this place where we accept ourselves, this space where we exhale and trust we are exactly where we are meant to be and we are who we are meant to be.  It is when we are in this place, feeling secure, that our outside world begins to feel more accepting, safe and authentic too. Our internal world defines our external world. 

But we must feel it inside first. 

Acceptance, security, safety- they're all inside jobs. 

When we can sit in this space created within us and feel God's presence, knowing He has placed you in this blessing, predicament, challenge or triumph to grow you, prepare you and ready you for what your next step will be, then your outside world begins to feel safer and more secure. You will feel accepted by the world around you because you trust the world within you. 

We are being called in a major way right now to connect to this place within us that can do all of this for us. Everyone wants to feel acceptance, belonging and security right now. When we quiet ourselves and connect to this place within us, this place that exists in all of us, we will grow that quiet confidence of acceptance and belonging together. Because we will remember...

We always belonged.
We were always accepted. 

It is about Divine acceptance and belonging.  

You are the only person who can do you. 

God created you perfectly, with all your talents and flaws, to be imperfectly perfect you.

There are no mistakes. Just mistaken identities. Sometimes we become so attached to the person we think we're supposed to be that we aren't willing to admire the beautiful, amazing person God created you to be, with flaws and fortitude.

Everything begins with trusting what's on the inside first.

Go to that place within you, the center of your heart or the deepest part of you and connect to this place where you feel safe and secure.  Imagine building a fortress around you, if you must.  But find that place of comfort and security.  Find that place of exhale, and breathe it out.  Breathe insecurity, acceptance and the knowingness you are exactly where you are meant to be.  Perhaps you're in a season of triumph, or perhaps a season of trial- trust you are in the season you are meant to be in and remember that seasons change. It will not last forever. However, the wisdom from this season will never expire.  That wisdom is gifted to you to be used to help another across the threshold of their season.  

But it all begins within you first. Take that moment to connect to that place within you and allow that perfectly imperfect person to emerge and begin to bless every life it crosses. 

I can't wait to hear how you are using your seasons, gifts and flaws to help others! Be sure to share it with us on Facebook and Instagram

Much love,

Erin Garay