How Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Taught Me About Self Valuation

This week, I read an incredible Wall Street Journal Article entitled, “Leadership and Life Lessons from Amazon's Jeff Bezos”.  In the article, Jeff talked about many wonderful life suggestions, but his best life advice came to me through his discussion of Amazon’s stocks. He said,

“What you need to do is operate your company in such a way, knowing that you will be weighed one day. Never spend any time thinking about the daily stock price. I never do.”

While he was clearly talking about Amazon’s stock, I read this so differently. 

The same advice is true for our own self-evaluation. How high or how low we feel today does not define our total lifetime value.

You are going to have up days.  You are going to have down days, but the sum of your efforts will bring you to a place higher than you would ever believe or expect.

Your stock will rise as long as you keep investing in it.

How have you been investing in your own stock?

Have you taken the time to care for yourself? Have you sat in meditation recently? Have you been exercising? Are you getting enough sleep? Have you spent time with your loved ones? Have you spent five minutes a day pursuing the dream that keeps you up at night, aching to be made manifest in this world?  

How can you use your resources to invest in yourself to help your own stock value rise?

You learn so much from good days and often more from “bad” days. If you are able to extract the wisdom garnered from that life stock plummeting or skyrocketing, you will be able to shift your life trajectory significantly. 

 As your own life stock shifts, you make different choices.

You will be a different person tomorrow because of the lessons you learned today.

With that wisdom, you respond from a different place.

You become who you’re meant to be.

Your stock will rise.

But that value can never be measured in a day.

Invest your time, energy and resources wisely and abundantly.  

Thank you, Mr. Bezos, for teaching me that it will take a lifetime to determine my portfolio’s success. 

Much love,


Erin Garay