Are all your lights on this holiday season?

This year, I joined forces with two other amazing women to coach my daughter's cheer team.

Was my plate already full? Very.

Did I have the time to coach? No.
Have I found the time? Yes.

We find the time when things matter to us.  

Because that's what we do and then we are filled in ways we would have never expected.

When something really matters to us, we find a way. 

Diana Nyad was interviewed on Super Soul Sunday, my favorite show,  and it was this very mantra that kept her going on her marathon swims. 

Diana Nyad on Super Soul Sunday- Find a way! 

How does this  "Find a way"  thing show up in our life, especially during our holiday season? How many times have you forced yourself to Find a way without really feeling joyful about it? I think that happens all too often during the holidays. But should it? 

This theme is relevant all year long, but I think with so many additional time demands during the holidays, it shows up in an even bigger way right now.

What are you filling your calendar with these days? 

Are those events filling you? Do you feel filled or depleted at the end of your day? Are you finding a way to fit something in that isn't worthy of your effort? 

Certainly we lead busy lives, especially during the holidays, but there is a difference between feeling depleted and feeling tired. 

It is the people and events that are truly unimportant to us that deplete us.

The people who are important to us, those that fill us, those that leave us feeling lighter, loved and genuinely grateful to have spent that time together. Those are the people who we want to find a way for in our busy lives.

And it's OK for things (all things- events and people) to be unimportant to you, even if they've been very important to you for years. People change. You change. 

Often, both sides of the relationship know the relationship has shifted. Rarely, if ever, is there only one half of the relationship that doesn't feel the change. 

The biggest gift you can give yourself this holiday season is to stop making the excuses why you can't attend something. Sort through your heart and determine, are you really that busy or is it that perhaps you are finding a way for something that doesn't fill you now.   Do you feel like you are dragging yourself to an event? 

If you do, pause for a moment and think about why and ask yourself, "Am I better served to stay home tonight instead? " 

When it is important to us, we do find a way, and we are joyous-on our way there, during the event and afterwards.

Think about the traditions in your life that light you up. I mean, all your internal lights are turned on.  These are the events you book first, hold space for and turn down other invitations to attend.

Why, then, do we cut these "all-the lights on" events short in order to make a showing at an event that doesn't light us up? 

Take a moment at the beginning of this holiday season and sort out your soul's holiday lights. Which ones light you up and which ones do you need to clear out that no longer turn on for you?

My bet is that you will find that your holiday season will feel more rich, connected and life-giving when you focus on the events and people that bring you the most joy and allow those which no longer fill you to finally fall away. 

It is these people that will fill you that will light all your lights up this holiday season. These are the people to "find a way" to include in your holiday season.  

And if, and only if, Love.Heal.Thrive. lights you up, I'd love to see you at our Holiday party THIS TUESDAY night. December 4th from 7pm-9pm. If all your lights aren't lit up for it, do what lights you, Tuesday and every night of the holiday season. 

Hope to see you Tuesday night!  

Much love,

Erin Garay