Are you living the answer to your prayer?

I journey alongside people every day helping them find their true calling and greater satisfaction in their lives.  A few weeks ago, a client who had been struggling for years with something had found resolution and sat in my office and said, 

"I'm living my answer." 

It was incredible because she knew it, could feel it and appreciated it! 

She had prayed and prayed and prayed for guidance, direction and clarity.  She had finally made a life change and was basking in the total abundance and glory of this life shift. Although, as soon as she simply uttered the words, "I'm living my answer," she began to move onto the next struggle. 

I had her back up and hold space on the abundance, the goodness and the glory of living her answer first.

It was incredible to watch the drastic shift between these two emotional states. 

How often do we work so hard on something or wait so long for an answered prayer? Then once we have it, we just hop onto the next struggle without appreciating the completion of this life chapter, despite the hours of anguish and tears shed through the sifting and waiting process? 

Somehow we forget that the very appreciation we feel for this currently-solved challenge will bring in faster resolution to the next "blessing-disguised-as-a-challenge."   We so quickly jump from peace and resolution back to struggle.

Doesn't it seem that for some reason, struggle feels safer? 

Brene' Brown says that the hardest emotion to feel is joy.  I believe it. 

As soon as we hear great news, we always watch for the "other shoe to drop."

It's OK to feel joy, especially during this season.  Take a moment before you open your eyes every morning and find something to be abundantly joyful about in your life. Name 3 things even, while your eyes are still closed...before your day begins and watch how much your life shifts. 

'Tis the season for joy, and every day is the season to live your answer. Sit in the peace knowing that every minute of your life is your answer unfolding upon itself. 

Feel the abundance. Turn struggle into joy and do it all before you even open your eyes in the morning by appreciating the goodness that exists in each day, especially when one of those days you wake up and realize you're living your answer too. 

Maybe even toss out a little more extra gratitude on that day too. 

Much JOY,

Erin Garay