What are you practicing everyday?

What are you practicing everyday? 

I came across this incredible video recorded by this sweet little soul, Ali Sherazi. His powerful words are poignant, inspiring and absolute truth. He challenges us all to take a moment and look at what we are practicing in our life. 

If we practice anger, we will get very good at it.

If we practice worry, we will become great at it and find something to worry about all the time.

And if we practice joy and happiness, we will find this in our lives all the time too.

Take a minute to watch this short video. It will shift your daily actions almost instantly.

What Do You Practice Everyday?

We work hard on our gratitude journals and daily gratitude with our partners.  And yet, if we practice our daily gratitude but neglect noticing how much we are also practicing anger, distrust or worry, we're only seeing half the picture.

Our gratitude can only take us so far. This hit home for me while watching this sweet little boy preach. I found myself taking inventory on everything I practice throughout my day- where gratitude shows up, where anger shows up and where worry creeps in.  It was so powerful and such a great awareness builder for me and where my attention rests everyday. 

Energy flows where attention goes.

As we shift our internal thoughts and actions, our external world begins to change. Are you ready to change your world? All it takes is a little awareness and practice.

Much love,


Erin Garay