Rejection is God's Protection

Rejection is God's Protection...

I have said this phrase so much this week that I felt it needed to be the topic of this week's Love Letter.

How often do we take not getting what we want or being hurt by someone as a diversion from the plan? We get upset. We feel frustrated. We are hurt. We can't believe life would turn out this way. Because we get caught up in the one-lane highway of life as we know it, thinking there is only one way.

Until we realize our plan was never the plan. 

It's never been about what we think is supposed to happen in our life. We are brought here to each make our own contribution and make this world a better place, each in our own unique way.   

But we often short-change ourselves.

We often think our dream will be as good as it gets once we get it. But God has way bigger plans for us than we make for ourselves. That means that sometimes we must forgo what we think we want in order to receive this larger and far more vast blessing that is headed our way.

We must take another road.

Often, we are forced to take that other road because we would never choose to turn down that road ourselves. Yet that new highway is the expressway to a life that is abundant and full...and right on plan.

So in that next moment where you don't get what you want, remember you do get what you need. 

A few weeks ago, I was in a moment of taking another life road and everywhere I went that song was playing.  In my car, in a hotel restroom, and in a lobby. I could not get away from it until I surrendered and said out loud, "Yes, God. I got it!"  

God and The Rolling Stones were reminding me to let go and trust God's protection. We don't always get what we want, but we get what we need.

Thank you to my dear friend and siSTAR, Angela Rodriguez at Choose Love Designs for introducing me to this phrase first when I needed it most. She's an incredible healer and sells many amazing crystals.

When that new road shows up for you this week, choose differently. Respond with curiosity where this road might be taking you and look for the blessing that is inevitably speeding down to meet you. Because Rejection is God's Protection.

Much love,