Are you living reactively or proactively?

And are you healing proactively or reactively?

This question came up in our Chakra Series while we were talking about who had done their grounding homework for the week. Some who had completed their homework weren't sure if it made a difference. They couldn't completely tell...for certain...if they felt more grounded, centered or calm.

What came next in the conversation was divinely gifted. I'm certain of it.

My response was...

When do we ever really know which of our practices make a difference? How do we know they make a difference? Do we know that our string of better days is a result of us caring for ourselves, or was it just a string of lucky days? Since we never really know what's down that other road than the one we choose, how can we know for certain? 

We can't.

We must trust that what we do has mattered.

We can add up our "good" days and compare them to our stressful days and find that the good days win out because we are living from a place that feels cared for and loved. In keeping those self-care practices up daily and monthly, you will find that what once felt like an anxiety-filled day becomes a neutral day, or perhaps even a good day.

In surrendering our ego and thoughts to something greater, we invite in, for just a moment, this presence to guide us, protect us and lead us to our next step...which leads us to amazing days.

I often give gratitude for the delays in my schedule and for the what-could-be frustrating moments where coffee spills, printers jam or cars not starting right away delay me. Since I was a little girl, I always believed those trivial moments kept me from a car accident or allowed me to walk into just the right person, at the divinely planned time. I always knew they all served a purpose and I'd say, "Thank you."

And so it comes back to proactive or reactive healing.

We can begin our day with meditation, prayer and grounding practices and wonder why our day has worked out so well. Perhaps it would have worked out that well without our morning intention. One will never know for certain.

Or we can live our day from a place of reactivity. We lose our keys, forget what we're saying, feel frustrated and then decide to ground our energy, pause, or pray to redirect our day and heal our energy. This healing feels harder because we've allowed that internal pendulum to swing to anxiety and frustration and then have to work harder to swing it back to the middle.

But if you kept your pendulum in the middle to begin with, think about how much more energy you might have in your day. How would you respond differently to the stresses of your day? How much more energy would you have?

Beginning your day divinely powered is a powerful place to be.

Rather than waiting for the chips to fall in your life, take a moment every day and surrender, ground, pray and meditate. One minute makes a difference. And keep up your other self-care practices- a massage, reiki session, manicure or tea with a friend. The more you give, the more you need to refill to keep your pendulum in the middle.

Choose self-care that matters to you. Fill yourself up so you can eliminate the back and forth of that pendulum from reactive to passive and find your powerful divinely-filled middle.

Much love,


Erin Garay