Are you all in?

Anyone who knows me knows I love Pastor, Author and Filmmaker T.D. Jakes Sr.

I am constantly listening to his podcasts and reading his many articles and passing along his wisdom. He is so profound. So it goes without even saying that I was floored by yet another one of his talks this weekend. As with most of his podcasts, it met me right where I was at upon hearing it.

Here's the link to the podcast: Are You All In?

How often are we disappointed by relationships, friendships, work environments, career aspirations, or health goals? When we find our self disappointed, how often do we look at how far we're invested in that particular situation and how often do we just blame the situation? If we took a closer look, we'd probably find that our disappointment in the situation is equal to our investment.

If we have been hurt in the past, we may not invest fully in a present relationship. But that leaves us only partially fulfilled by that relationship.

If we have failed in our job, or at getting in shape, in the past, we may only half-heartedly attempt again to go for the gold.

If we feel insecure about our self, we may only keep friendships on a surface level.

Regardless of the circumstance...

We don't go all in.

And when we don't go all in, how can we expect to receive total fulfillment back?

We get what we give equally.

In the days to come, when you find yourself feeling less than fulfilled in a part of your life, pause for a moment and ask how you can invest yourself more into that situation. Are you giving it your all? How can you give more? How can you dive in more fully and then watch what happens.

Not sure you're ready to give it your all? Try it as an experiment first with no attachment or no hope for any particular outcome and then watch what happens next.

And if you're scared of getting hurt again, look into that pain and decide if it's worth still holding back.  Honor your answer. If it's not worth it, walk away. But if you find that you're willing to go all in just one more time, go for it and jump in.

"What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?" ~ Erin Hanson

Can't wait to hear your "All in" stories this week!

Much love,


Erin Garay