Have you primed your pump today?

I just finished Proof of Heaven just in time for our book club meeting. This book is so incredible and so profound. I highly suggest reading or listening to it. In the book, Dr. Alexander says the following:

By loving yourself, you connect to God's love and that love opens up this spring of Divine Love that connects us to each other and allows us to share abundant Divine love with each other.

Yes, loving ourselves first is that important.

This concept is something I have taught for years. It is at the root of the name of my company, even. Love yourself enough to heal. Heal yourself enough to thrive.

I often use this wonderful story from when my daughters were only 1 & 3 years old to provide the perfect visual. We were at the old Happy Hollow park & zoo in San Jose prior to its renovation years ago. In this older version of the park, there was an old-fashioned water pump. My daughters, niece and nephew all tried to push this dried up broken-down-looking pump as hard as they could, yet no water would come out. We assumed it was broken, like many things in the park at that time. But being the wise country girl she was, my mom asked for my water bottle and for us to step aside.

She poured the water bottle into the pump and started pumping the lever. To our surprise, water came gushing out about 30 seconds later.

She said, "That is what they call priming the pump."

We had to pour the water in to get the water out.

The same is true for this self-love concept. We must love ourselves first. Take care of ourselves and then we are able to tap into the endless gushing of Divine Love that allows us to pour love over everyone and everything in our lives.

The next time you feel depleted, exhausted and unsupported, think of how you can best take care of yourself. Then, prime your own pump and get to pouring that love onto you. It will give you more than you need and will allow you to share that love with those around you.

I can't wait to hear your pump priming stories this week!

Much love,


Erin Garay