Do you live by blind faith?

I sent my youngest daughter off to outdoor education this week during one of our biggest storms of the winter. Each day this week,

it is forecasted to be 80-90% chance of showers and temperatures are at the low of 35 degrees and high of 52 degrees. My daughter, who has cold-induced asthma and prefers fashion over everything else (like warmth), is experiencing the truest version of California winter...and I...

I'm practicing blind faith. 

I'm unable to see her or talk to her, so really, all I've got is my faith that God has got this and will protect her. But I think it's great that I'm choosing it too.

During her send off, I wrapped her up in a little love bubble and sent her on her way...and I let go...which was new for me. Two years ago, my older daughter went on this trip, and I worried every single night. This time, I've allowed faith to take over, and I've allowed God to handle it. Since I can't handle it anyway, I figured this was the most efficient plan. 

Worry blocks our prayers from being delivered. 

So I've opted for grateful prayer this week instead of worry.

Thank you for watching over them. Thank you for keeping them safe. Thank you for her spiritual growth this week.

How often do you let go in your life?

How often do you let worry block the greater plan from being delivered to you?

How often do you let the blessings unfold in your life, especially the ones that are disguised as challenges?

How often do you wrap your own self up in a little love bubble and let go and let God deliver his plan?

The next time worry strikes, opt for the bubble and the hand off to God and watch what happens. Watch for a challenge to reveal its blessing to you. Watch for something amazing to happen. Watch how you find yourself in a state of minute-by-minute peaceful grace, despite the struggle around you. 

Watch how blind faith changes your life too. 

Much love,


Erin Garay