Have you tried these travel secrets? My top 3 self-care energy travel tips

My cell phone chimed at 5:01am this morning so I could join the masses of people flying off to their summer adventures this week. There were so many people rushing, running and packing the airport …all before 8am. 

So, I thought this was a great week to talk about my personal travel practices. This actually comes up a LOT in private sessions with people. And why wouldn’t it?  

Many people have trouble traveling. Think of all the emotions that surface during a day of travel- trust issues, releasing control, personal space challenges and preparation stress all arise on top of our everyday standard emotional struggles.

Here are my top 3 tips for feeling safer and more energetically protected while you travel.

1) Bless the plane-Before my feet cross the threshold from the jet bridge to the plane, I always touch the plane. I give it my own blessing, and ask God to bless it with protection, love and positivity. It is so powerful to feel that connection to this massive transport before stepping on. I see the atoms of the metal blessed with protection and light. Since it is believed that atoms are made up of 99.9% energy and only 0.1% physical matter, this simple touch feels so powerful and protective activating the energy in each of the atoms to keep everyone on it safe.
2) Walking down the aisle with Love- As I then proceed down the aisle, I send love to each and every passenger I see, row by row.  I often see a shift in them. Maybe they look up or smile at me.  But, I definitely feel a shift in me. I’m calmer and in a better state of acceptance of whatever is to transpire on the flight. Since starting this practice a few years ago though, I rarely, if ever, have loud passengers on my planes. Love is the highest vibrating emotion so its always a good idea to fill any place with it, especially one that could be wrought with so many challenges. So spread that Love the next time you walk down that plane aisle and watch what happens.
3)     Make your own little love bubble- Once I finally reach my seat, I imagine a beautiful pink energy bubble around myself. This allows me to contain my energy and feel like I have my own space. I am less bothered by other travelers and find myself in the zone in whatever I do- write, read, plan. I have my own space, and I feel it.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you had your own personal space on your next plane trip without having to pay for a first-class ticket to Paradise?

This is the 3rd weekend in a row of being on a plane and my self-filling travel practices got a little sloppy this morning between the extensive travel and early start time, and I paid the price. I found myself even more tired than usual from not getting enough sleep and irritated at the noisy travelers seated around me.

Of course, I blessed the plane on my way in but randomly tossed love at my fellow travelers, rather than the thorough love shower I typically throw out.  I felt too tired and exhausted to give away so much love…or so I thought.

Until typing this letter, I had even been remiss on putting on my own space love bubble.
As a result, crazy, crazy travelers surrounded me, and I felt myself getting so irritated, until I threw on my bubble. I swear, the crazy is still happening as I am typing this Love Letter, but I am less affected. It’s a fascinating experiment, even for me.  I did some retroactive love tossing to my fellow travelers reminding myself that the more love we give away, the more we receive, and I blessed the plane and its travelers once more. All of these efforts collectively provided a wonderful shift in my energy and attitude, almost immediately.

So I encourage you to empower yourself on your next flight. Give these three tips a try and see how it shifts your travel day.  Do you feel more energized? Less irritated? Feeling less exhausted upon arrival? Perhaps arriving with more energy to enjoy your vacation from the start?

Enjoy your summer adventures and the many memories it offers by taking care of you first.  

Do you have other travel tips that help you? I’d love to hear them! Happy 4th of July!
Much love,

Erin Garay