Do You Suffer From The Firework Effect?

We had a front row seat for the fireworks this year, as we do every year. My aunt's house is distinctly positioned right next to the city's firework's launching pad, and all we have to do is hang out on her lawn for what feels like our own private fireworks show.

The fireworks were breathtaking, of course. But as we were catching our breath in between every display, there was a quiet conversation going on between the "oohs" and "ahhs" that I found fascinating.

We noticed that the sound of the fireworks traveled slower than the light. We would see the firework explode, and then a few seconds later, we would hear the boom. And while this is not a new, scientific phenomenon by any means, I did begin to think about how it applies to our lives, as usual.

(This is actually my photo from my phone.)

(This is actually my photo from my phone.)

How often are we in conversation and worry more about the words we are saying rather than maintaining eye contact, listening intently, or being present? When in fact, the person we are talking to is seeing our face, or our face looking at our cell phone, faster than they are hearing our words reach them. Typically, sound travels slower than light.

So wouldn't that mean our body language travels faster than our words?

What is the first message we are giving to those we love the most? I know in the age that we live in, there will be times where we answer a quick question with our heads buried in our phones. However, if this becomes a habit, what happens to our closest relationships?

Will they be able to withstand the firework effect?

Will they see one thing and hear another? Or will they even want to listen? Will they ever be given the chance to see your light at all? 

If you are finding your closest relationships are feeling disconnected, shallow, distant, or unfulfilled, take a look at how this firework effect might be affecting your relationships. What can you do differently? How can you let your own light shine in a way that will brighten up your relationships before your loved one ever hears a single word you say? 

Think about how you are shining your light before speaking your next word. Let your light shine on all of your loved ones before speaking a word.

Give it a try and notice how your relationships begin to shift and sparkle all around you.

Much love,

Erin Garay